Elizabeth fell for graphic design while a student considering journalism as her path. In 2010, she graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Journalism degree and a concentration in the Magazine Sequence.

Currently, she is the Production Assistant for Texas Architect, bi-monthly publication, at Texas Society of Architects. In order for members and the public to easily search issues of Texas Architect, she digitizes current and past issues of the magazine. She assists the Art Director with layouts, design, and print and web production tasks as well. Previously, she interned for Texas Architect and Texas Society of Architects as the design and production intern. While in that position, she enhanced her design and production skills. As a freelance designer, she just completed the graphics and materials for the Texas State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division's 2011 annual seminar.

She has an interest in print design, web components, publication design, both print and its trasition to the web. Photography, colorful life, hand crafted projects and simply her surroundings, she where she gains her inspiration. Elizabeth creates her work to be visually appealing, to be readable and to keep the target audience interested and engaged. As a hard worker, she will do everything diligently to complete a project, by deadline and within budget.

If you need a graphic designer or production artist, Elizabeth will help you find the perfect fit for your needs. She wants to help you achieve your goals of making you and your business stand out.

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